Over the last ten years, GFST's senior professionals have established and managed their own businesses, as well as years of experience developing customized, fully integrated systems for leading international firms such as Mutual of Omaha, USA; Ericsson, Sweden; and leading national firms such as Nepal Telecommunication, Nepal; and Ncell, part of TeliaSonera, Sweden, a leading European telecommunication company, in the industry.

GFST has also established itself as a local partner of a number of prominent worldwide corporations in the IT and Telecom industries (see links) in order to expand its footprint and reach the 'numero no' position in Nepal's emerging market.

With the aforementioned experience and partnerships, GFST's goal is to form new alliances with international corporations to help them navigate a successful entry into Nepal's markets by working with the most appropriate local entities for the most feasible project opportunities.

To put it another way, GFST is positioned as the best partner of choice for multinational enterprises looking to enter the Nepalese market and develop projects, with the following benefits:

Local Knowledge and Expertise

The local knowledge gained with running GFST and partnering with government institutions and local companies over the years and understanding the ‘inner workings and procedures’ of a developing market like Nepal and as well as our adherence to our 'confidentiality principles' allows GFST to leverage valuable personal connections and trust relationships with various influential public or business partners in Nepal.


Partner Research and Analysis

In developing markets, finding good business partners is always a difficulty. We may conduct due diligence on the reputation and track record of your potential business partners. Alternatively, we can review your requirements and find potential applicants based on the parameters you specify. We can also help you negotiate with prospective business partners.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Partnerships' success in developing nations, we believe, is determined by their impact on local communities. We will make sure that it remains a top priority for us as well as our project partners. In order to ensure both project sustainability and a fair distribution of rewards among all stakeholders, Corporate Social Responsibility should play a critical role in all initiatives in developing countries.