AC-Type 2 compact/AC

AC Type 2 charger is specifically designed for installation at home or public charging stations Like everycharging equipment in the Exicom’s product line, the AC Type 2 wallbox charger is designed for all weather environmentsand offer a number of features suitable for public applications where robustness, durability and access control systemsare critical. This charger comes with an option of getting connected that allows comprehensive and easy access to datavia a centralized monagement software. This varian comes with IEC 612196-2 connector with output power options of3.3kW, 7.5kW, 11kW and 22kw

Key Features Supports AC Type 2 connector Optional RFID for user authentication and network connectivity for remote management, managing energy costsetc. OCPP 1.6J. complaint IP54 - Designed for indoor or outdoor applications Simple plug and play installation Compact & elegonl design Socket or fixed cable Status color LED Charge all Type 2 compatible vehicles