In any organization, no matter how small, a Human Resources (HR) department is a key component of employee well-being. Payroll, benefits, recruiting, firing, and staying up to date with state and federal tax requirements are all responsibilities of Human Resources.

Any misunderstanding about these issues might result in serious legal issues for your company as well as major employee unhappiness. Small organizations, on the other hand, frequently lack the personnel or financial resources to appropriately manage Human Resources. As a result, an increasing number of small enterprises are outsourcing their HR needs.

The process of engaging a third-party entity to manage some or all of a company's Human Resources activities and functions is known as Human Resources (HR) outsourcing. With its highly qualified HR specialists and resources, GFST is ideally positioned to offer services such as:

  • Payroll administration: Produce checks, deal with taxes and manage sick and vacation time.
  • Employee benefits: Health, Medical, Transportation, Food/Cafeteria, and other services are available.
  • HR management: Recruiting, hiring, and firing are all aspects of the job. In addition, there are background checks, exit interviews, and salary assessments.
  • Risk management:: Workers' compensation, dispute resolution, safety inspections, and office policies and handbooks are all things that need to be considered.